Monday, October 18, 2004

now I see

After today, I understand why Little-Lord-Fauntleroyesque, bowtie-wearing-thirty-five-year-old closet-queen Tuckie Carlson supports George Bush. He has the same kind of bravery-from-a-distance that George does. Tuckie went on record today saying how "ridiculous" Jon Stewart looked on Friday's "Crossfire." I don't know what tape Tuckie watched, but Jon verbally sodomized him. Exactly like our man George, talking big and tough about John Kerry AFTER being eviscerated three straight times in the debates. So, that explains why Tuckie is such a "throne-sniffer" and "butt buddy" for little w. Of course, I'll wager the codpiece in George's flight suit is what made him swoon first...


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