Tuesday, October 19, 2004

it must be the monoxide fumes

Nascar driver Darryl Waltrip was interviewed by Leslie Blitzer today for at least ten minutes on CNN, and proved himself to be quite the believer. He repeatedly proclaimed that Bush was "the honest" candidate, the one you could believe, the strong-and-true good old boy that was going to fix all of the problems in this country. How does he know? Well, in his own words, "I'm not a huge issues guy." He knows because he's able to look into George's close-set eyes and just tell that he is a great guy who couldn't possibly be as incompetent as recent history says. He repeatedly maligned Kerry's honesty, and then said that he wasn't there to talk badly of him. Gee, nice save. Mr. Leslie Blitzer, somewhat to his credit, timidly pointed out where some of Waltrip's factual errors were after which he finally retreated to his real position that facts didn't matter, as long as his gut told him George was the true hope of the nation. What on earth are idiots like these being trundled forth on NEWS programs for? By his own admission, the man knows nothing of the issues, yet he is given valuable TV time to provide a free campaign commercial that has no relation to the facts. Journalism is defined how again?


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