Wednesday, October 27, 2004

credit where credit is due

I detest rap. I can easily demonstrate that by definition, rap is not music. I also think that the rap culture is assisting in the deterioration of America. However, I would like to thank Marshall "eminem" Mathers for his new video, "Mosh," which makes a vivid case for deposing our unelected president next week. It is good to know that he is willing to use his power and financial assets to connect with his audience to effect positive change in the country. This recording is going to reach an audience that the challengers could not convincingly address and may be the real lever that motivates youth to wake up and realize that their country and their future are being sold down the river by those currently in charge. George, you and your partners in treason are hereby (not herby) warned, if anything bad happens to this young man in the near future, we will be examining your actions because we know you will be involved.


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