Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Son of Tzu

I've been watching all of the post-game punditry about our brand new Health Care Reform, and I suddenly grasped how these victories are coming, despite seeming massive odds against them. Instead of going head-on into open warfare against the Nutzi Party as a caricatureable, flaming bleeding-heart, effete, elitist, revolutionary black liberal, President Obama realized that the overboard extremism of the opposing party is a huge gap in their armor and is going around their flanks to attack them from the unassailable bastion of their own previous positions, demonstrating it in tactics like virtually copying the Romney/Massachusetts health system and installing it on a national level. He is pulling the center back to the left incrementally without any figurative bloodshed and keeping the high ground of the debate firmly on his own side at the same time.

Thank you, sensei. The best lesson is the one you teach yourself.


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