Wednesday, January 20, 2010

we are so screwed

David Axelrod just spent an incredibly painful dozen minutes on Hardball, whimpering with a quivering, frightened tone about how hard the democrats have been working and how mean the other guys are being. In the words of the street, he sounded like a little bitch. The historic majority that was given has been wasted.

Meanwhile, the right is crowing about this like they actually accomplished something, when what they got was another nutty teabagger who cares only about his own power and position in the corporatocracy... oh, wait, they did get another republican in good standing, didn't they?

We really may as well just let McCain take over. If things are going all to hell, I'd rather get there quickly while I'm strong and healthy. I think I could make out fairly well in Mad Max-land.


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