Monday, January 11, 2010

yeah, that'll help things

MSNBC, in their infinite wisdom, has given a television show to one of the biggest panty-sniffers in high sch- er, Washington, Chuck Todd. In his honor, I will hereinafter refer to him by the nickname I use for him.

So, congratulations, Fuck Wodd, for the further coarsening of our political system you are certain to exacerbate. I'm sure I'll get lots of new blog posts from you.


Mr. Wodd was just on MSNBC discussing the Harry Reid non-story, and said that once racism comes into the picture that "these stories never go away." That, of course, is because Fuck Wodd and the rest of his Peeping Tom associates keep pushing them even though there's no "there" there. This came right after a fifteen-minute segment between Essa Brewer and some Politico asshole that was the most brutal, high-school mean girl slandering of John and Elizabeth Edwards I have ever seen, and which ranked easily with the worst of the Clinton defamations. All of their talk was based on unsupported and anonymous sourcing, and they were treating it as though it was objective reality rather than cowardly allegation. The right must be more afraid of the Edwardses and Reid than they would seem to merit.

-even more update:

It just gets better. The new show featuring Fuck Wodd and Savannah Guthrie is called "The Daily Rundown."

Tomorrow they'll be running down Harry Reid and John and Elizabeth Edwards. Set your Tivos now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They could have been the shining channel on the hill but, now it's

sham on the right

sham on the left

We, the public lose.

Well, except for Rachel!

Go Fuck Wodd!

3:23 PM  

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