Wednesday, January 27, 2010


These two really deserve better. I was absolutely faithful to my wife and in the other two committed relationships I have had across the years, but I understand the power of these urges and don't judge other people who make decisions that they know are bad but still find themselves incapable of fending off.

They were at a difficult place in their relationship and he found some brief escape that cost him horribly in many ways, and if the panty-sniffing media in this country had let them have the same grace they gave scoundrels like David Vitter and Larry Craig these two people who belong together would likely have come to grips with the situation and would now be spending what time they have left together.

Truly heartbreaking. I wish them well, I hope she recovers from her illness and I hope he grows as a person and fulfills the tremendous potential he has for improving our country.


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