Thursday, September 03, 2009


We've touched on this before, and I'll say it again--I really think this is not about secession, granny, place of birth, or any of the other "concepts" they're tossing out. It's about the clarion call these maggots are beaming out to the racist nutcases with the defective tin-foil hats and semi-automatic weapons. They (Perry, Grassley, et al.) don't care if they look like idiots or even make sense to anyone other than some rabid second amendment supporter. They're playing for all the marbles now.

The GOP is out of power and they realize that the POTUS and the congress have the ability to reverse the flow of their ill-gotten gains right back to the government and people they stole it from. They are fighting like there's no tomorrow because they may lose control over the rest of the game and the rest of the money.

These are dangerous, treasonous individuals and it's become apparent they will stop at nothing. They torture, they incite murder and mayhem in the name of God--they live by a completely different set of rules than they impose on the rest of us (Sanford, Ensign, Craig, et al.).

They are usury scum and some other things I won't say, but I will say that in case of rapture, I think they'll be surprised to find themselves still sitting behind the wheels of their Lincoln Town Cars with the "honk if you love Jesus", "W", and "NObama" stickers on the rear bumper. They've already sold their souls--they just don't realize who they sold them to.

[note to Milo: I'm too wound up to think of a clever title for my rant--feel free to edit]


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