Monday, August 31, 2009

gotta say it

I was not an Obama backer until he took the primaries because I was concerned that his lack of experience would make him timid and unwilling to jump into the deep end of the Washington, D.C. shark pond to enact the platform on which he ran if he was elected. I'm sad to say that at this point, it really looks like my fears were accurate in a lot of ways. It's a coin toss as to whether any meaningful health care legislation will pass and the media narrative run by the right-wing quislings is starting to parallel the Clinton years more and more every day. The problem is, the guy that campaigned for the presidency was Martin Luther Obama, but the guy that lives in the White House seems to have become Barry Urkel.

Mr. President, I've got your back, but you have to have ours. With the passing of the man who may have just made the difference that got you elected, you have a debt to pay.

It's time to go for the gold. It's why this country gave you a chance. We need Barack Fitzgerald Francis Moore Obama, and we need him now.


Blogger Mary K. Goddard said...

I was the same way. Personally I thought he was not devious or treacherous enough to get things done. Several folks I know from the Chicago area (even some involved in local politics, who know him) said they were not concerned because he could survive in that arena, he'd be fine.

One of the things that I have thought since the beginning, and I'll say it again and stand by my prediction--I think he's going to make it very apparent that he's given the GOP every chance, every break he could before he puts their balls in a vice and pours hot flaming reform down their throats. I really think he's going to try reaching across the aisle long enough to let everyone see that he's been more than a good sportsman about their bad behavior. I think he's giving them just enough rope to hang themselves.

I'm keeping the faith...feel free to disagree and you can say I told you so if we don't make progress under him.

3:21 PM  
Blogger Milo Johnson said...

I'm not a faith-type person, but I still believe that our president is a good man with hopes of great accomplishments to benefit the common good of the American people and I think that he's been a bit intimidated by the massive burden he has accepted and the vehement spite, disrespect, and dishonesty of the right since his first day in office. He has a certain part of him that wants to be "liked" and it will never happen with a portion of the population, so he just needs to put through the best agenda that he can for the country. It will be a couple of generations before a chance like this comes again, and the republicans have already managed to drag their feet hard enough to wait out the last dregs of Senator Kennedy's life. You can't tell me that wasn't a planned-for benefit of their obstructionism. Those people play to win at any and at all costs, and we can not try to finesse this, we have to make Rush happy and ram it down their throats. The only thing they understand is brute force, and negotiating with them just makes them more scornful of liberals.

8:34 PM  

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