Thursday, April 09, 2009

you're welcome

The poor republicans are getting ridiculed by the Dirty Fucking Hippies over their sudden romance with their new method of protest known as "teabagging." I'm embarrassed to admit that until this furor arose that, like the republicans, I was not aware that there is apparently an alternate meaning for that term, one that is probably not very flattering to their highly-principled political protest.

I'd like to suggest that they simply drop the whole "Teabag the White House" protest and let the immature jokes fade into obscurity. The way to do that is to change the brand, something that the right has long had a great skill at doing. Best of all, while doing it, they can actually steal some of President Obama's populist appeal and follow Michael Steele's advice to make the party more hip and youthful so they can appeal to a more "today" crowd.

What I propose is that the right adopt the famous "terrorist fist jab" that Barack and Michelle Obama shared with such publicity during the campaign, and make it the official gesture of the republican protest movement, and in doing so turn it around on the evil liberals.

They can call it "fisting," and have "fisting parties" all around the country, and every time republicans meet they will "fist" each other to show their solidarity in opposing the islamohomofascistcommies that are tearing the country apart as we speak.

Republicans, start fisting each other today, you know you want to!


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