Thursday, April 23, 2009

empty gesture

Reading the May issue of Motor Trend magazine, I discovered a fascinating tidbit of information. Remember a few months ago when Chrysler head Bob Nardelli made the grandiose pronouncement that he would not take any salary from Chrysler this year?

Well, it turns out that he has never taken a salary from Chrysler. Not that he works for free.

You see, Bob Nardelli is actually an employee of Cerberus Capital Management, the holding company that is the real owner of Chrysler Motors. He is still receiving his normal salary and bonuses for his job. He proudly announced that he would not accept a salary that he never got in the first place.

I hate to see the death of Mopar, but it's time to let this company fend for itself. If Cerberus can pay Nardelli, they can damned well fund their own company instead of shuffling the burden to American taxpayers.


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