Wednesday, January 28, 2009

They've turned me into a Marxist, Ma...

It just keeps getting deeper, and this one might just take the cake. I used to be a mid-westerner with a strong work ethic and moderate views, but they've pushed me for the last time:

I'm looking for a way to stop doing the last bit of business with BoA that I am doing now. I fired them as a bank nearly 4 years ago. Their local staff was outstanding but their corporate operations repulsed me. Then they bought out one of my credit card providers. It was my best card. Lowest interest, highest limit (for emergency purposes) but I'm shopping now. I hope to put that card in the shredder next month, where I'd like to put their management.

Oh, yeah, and as for Home Despot--I already started making a conscious effort to avoid them whenever I can. If the local hardwares store doesn't have what I need, I'm sure to go to their big box competition. I started that plan after 2004 elections when I realized how much they gave to he who must not be named, and heard how they treat their employees.

Corporate America: Kiss MLWA!

There, I feel better. Not much, but enough to go back to sleep. Bastards.......


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