Wednesday, October 22, 2008

what the Pfuck, indeed

Right-wing nazi-momma Nancy Pfotenhauer was just on this evening's episode of "Hardball," trying to explain the well-dressed Sarah Palin's constitutionally ignorant explanation of the Vice-President's job as "running the Senate."

Pfotenhauer evaded the question, changed the subject, and glistened with progressively more and more pflop sweat as Chris Matthews hewed her to the question at hand over and over again and continually corrected her pfalsehoods and talking points.

But that wasn't the most amusing part.

In an interview well under ten minutes in length, Pfotenhauer sounded like a spoiled pfourteen year-old girl, grunting "uh" time after time in the exact manner of an overindulged child being told that no, she wasn't going to be getting a new BMW pfor her birthday.

Thirty-six times that I personally counted, and probably less than the total times, Pfotenhauer gasped in amazement over being challenged on her talking point recitations. By the end of the segment, her indignant outrage was barely controlled, and her botoxed and painted-on rictus of a smile had slowly tautened into a pfrozen snarl as she "thanked" Matthews and said goodnight. It was truly pfantastic and incredibly pfunny.

The times, they are a-changin.'


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