Wednesday, September 24, 2008

there's a "bailout" you can believe in

News is breaking that John McCain has requested that tomorrow night's first Presidential debate be postponed so that he can "go back to Washington" to work on resolving the manufactured "financial crisis" that his biggest adviser, Phil Gramm, and his campaign manager, Rick Davis, were instrumental in creating. He has also stated that he wishes to "suspend" his presidential campaign until the "crisis" is finished. There's no explanation of how his taking a couple of hours to publicly debate his opponent would make the situation any worse. Of course this has nothing to do with the fact that Bush is going to address the nation tonight and that McCain would have to answer questions about Bush's statements with little time to prepare the appropriate spin prior to this long-scheduled campaign event.

Perhaps he just needs some time off to explain to his rich trophy wife why he wants to let the American public determine how much she gets paid for running her multi-million dollar company.

Brave, principled warrior, indeed.

I just love the smell of republican fear.

(Egads, even Noron O'Donnell is chiding McCain for his evident inability to "multitask." When you've lost the stupidest woman on television, you know your "base" has withered and died.)


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