Monday, September 01, 2008

Notes on the "dream ticket"


John McCain chose, for the #2 spot in all of America, and the person who would succeed him after a tragedy, someone he met once for an hour

Sarah Palin chose, after her water broke and she went into labor, to go on a plan from Dallas to Anchorage. Independent? Yes. Stupid? For sure.

  Knowledge, Experience

She has no opinions, and maybe even no interest, in foreign policy

She’s quoted as saying she doesn’t have time to pay attention to the Iraq war…and her oldest son is being deployed to Iraq this month.

In an interview about her chances for VP a couple of months ago, said she didn’t know what the VP did on a daily basis


Believes global warming is not man-made

Wants abortion outlawed

Wants to teach creationism in schools

Wants polar bears off the endangered species list


Republicans will lower the bar on the debate. Then when she doesn’t blow it, they’ll say she did OK. OK? That’s what you want from the second most powerful person in the world?

If she were a man, Biden would jump all over her and turn her into mincemeat, but since she’s a woman, he’ll have to hold back. Sad

Heaven help us if she wins--truly a tragic day in America


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