Friday, August 29, 2008

trophy veep!

After all of his talk about experience, McCain chooses a recently elected governor who is virtually unknown on the national scene, who is embroiled in scandal, whose experience is largely based on being mayor of a town of a few thousand people, and who shows none of the intellectual heft that the McCain campaign has told us is so important for the position. She is, however, fairly cute, and she's probably the only running mate McCain could find that wasn't significantly taller than him.

She even talks like she's a cheerleader from Minnesota or one of the Dakotas. I don't know much more about Sarah Palin, but it sure looks like McCain has chosen a candidate more suited for his Executive Assistant than for Vice-President.

If I were Cindy McCain, I'd be a little worried. After all, our '72 Maverick has already demonstrated a propensity for upgrading to a younger and more attractive woman with power and influence.


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