Tuesday, September 30, 2008

last call

The stock market lost about 1.2 trillion dollars in value with Monday's slide of nearly eight hundred points. The House republicans torpedoed the financial rescue bill that everyone had assured the nation was a done deal and just needed the formality of a vote to be finalized. The country is queasy with fear and our government has not helped with all of the doom and gloom imagery that has been thrown around in the effort to shove some sort of financial package through to try to address the emergency before it's too late. With all of this chaos, where is Congress going to be for the next few days?

On vacation.

That shows you exactly how important good governance is to the bulk of our elected representatives. The United States of America is entering the greatest crisis it has faced in decades and after our government shrieked for the last week that something has to happen NOW or else we risk depression of a historic level, instead of rolling up its sleeves and burning the midnight oil to save the country, it has basically said "maybe next week if we can get to it, okay, but right now we have some time off coming to us."

We get the government we ask for. We get the government we deserve.

Use your vote wisely. There might not be any more chances.


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