Monday, September 29, 2008

reality has a liberal bias

John McCain today, speaking about the failure of the bailout bill:

"I know that many of you have noticed it's not my style to simply phone it in."

John McCain's adviser Mark Salter on Saturday (via Think Progress:)

After declaring he’d return to Washington to help with the bailout negotiations immediately after last night’s debate, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) never went to Capitol Hill today. In fact, McCain stayed largely holed up in his Arlington apartment, leaving only to go to his campaign headquarters just around the block, the New York Times reports.

Asked why Mr. McCain did not go to Capitol Hill after coming back to Washington to help with negotiations, [McCain adviser] Mr. Salter replied that “he can effectively do what he needs to do by phone."

Of course, this morning the McCain campaign's Communications Director, Hill Hazelbaker, was taking credit on FOX "News" for getting the very bill that tanked this afternoon passed:

"Sen. McCain interrupted his campaign, suspended his campaign activity to come back to Washington to get Republicans around a table. Without Sen. McCain, House Republicans would not have appointed a negotiator, which would not have moved this bill forward. It’s really Sen. McCain who got all parties around a table to hammer out a deal that hopefully is in the best interests of the American taxpayer."

Good thing the maverick of the Senate was there to put the deal together, isn't it?


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