Thursday, September 25, 2008

here's why

Bush wants to give seven hundred billion dollars to Wall Street. The purpose is not to save the economy. It's the financial equivalent of "the surge" in Iraq. He doesn't care if the economy tanks, what he's doing is giving his buddies lots of money to throw at the market to keep the numbers artificially high. It has been kept high because his cronies were throwing their own money at it, but they've balked because the losses have been starting to hurt even them. With this massive infusion of free cash, they can keep throwing money at it secure in the knowledge that they won't actually lose anything. That way, the Stock Market stays over 11,000, Bush can claim victory for the republican strategery, and anyone who speaks against it hates America. Same plan, different situation. The taxpayers of this country are paying the bill for the hoovering of the U.S. Treasury, and when all is done and the country is in tatters, Bush and company will be safely out of the driver's seat and will blame the failure on those who followed them, exactly the same way that they are going to blame the eventual failure in Iraq on those who finally shut down "the surge." It's how he's worked for thirty years, why would he change a game that got him where he is?


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