Tuesday, July 22, 2008

an affair to remember

I just got this email from the McGoo campaign:

It's pretty obvious that the media has a bizarre fascination with Barack Obama. Some may even say it's a love affair. We want you to be the judge. We've compiled two videos of the more outrageous moments of this not so secret love affair. Follow this link to watch the two videos and vote on which one you think is better. Your vote will determine which video we put on the air. The media is in love with Barack Obama. If it wasn't so serious, it would be funny.

You know what's really funny? The fact that John McGoo, the '72 Maverick, taunted Barack Obama into making the trip to the Middle East that is garnering him so much attention. What is really bothering him is that the media (HIS media, dammit, the one he paid for with the barbecues at the multimillion dollar cabin in Sedona that his millionaire thieving druggie second wife owns, and the special captain's chairs for the reporters that kiss the most ass on the Double Talk Express, the ones who used to sloppily fluff him every hour on the hour until his crassness and willingness to take any position that was politically expedient at the moment started becoming more and more difficult to overlook) is not berating and belittling Obama the way this crappy pilot who graduated right next to the bottom of his West Point class expected them to.

Here's some advice for you, Maverick:
"We have sort of become a nation of whiners. You just hear this constant whining, complaining about a loss of competitiveness, America in decline."

I think he was talking to you. Perhaps some doughnuts with sprinkles would cheer you up. Now man up and quit your fucking whining. It's embarrassing.


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