Monday, March 17, 2008

talk about flip-floppers

Even though he just did it on Friday, our liar-in-chief is going to lead another cheerleading broadcast about what he is going to do to preserve the financial security of the United States after a morning meeting with his "financial advisors," who, if are anywhere near as good as his national security advisors, are going to come up with yet another colossally stupid bunch of ideas that will only exacerbate the coming economic disaster.

The one question that I would like an answer to is this:

Why are the same people who have been telling us all this time that we need to let the markets regulate themselves suddenly deciding that what we need to do now is throw massive amounts of taxpayer dollars to rescue the same businesses and institutions that "creatively" financed themselves into penury instead of letting the unregulated market decide their fates?

I can't help but think that what they really mean is that the market should regulate itself as long as it leads to massive profits for them, but that the government should step in and bail them out when their deceitful games mean they start losing all of that stolen loot.

Think straight-talkin' George will bother explaining the sudden change of heart?


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