Saturday, June 02, 2007

be amused - be very amused

I awakened to breathlessly non-stop "BREAKING NEWS" today of a terrorist plot to "blow up" JFK airport!

Don't you think that if there were so many "terrists" here slavering at the thought of killing throngs of Americans that they could catch somebody that didn't consist of a group of slackers with a plot that would make audiences giggle uncontrollably if it were the basis for a movie?

And, wouldn't it be nice to have a press that recognized the difference between an idiot fantasy like this and a real plan with real danger?

Now we are being told that one of the most alarming bits of information that have been discovered is that the "leader" of the JFK plot bragged about knowing the head of an Islamist group in Trinidad.

One would hope that the Department of Homeland Security would be able to realize that "put de lime in de coconut and shake it all up" is not actually coded instructions for bomb-building...

So the plan was to blow up a several-mile-long pipeline that is used to transport jet fuel to JFK International Airport, with the intent for the resulting fire to be catastrophic and explosive enough to kill thousands of people and destroy huge amounts of property, including much of the airport. These people were idiots. I used to PLAY with JP-4 military jet fuel when I was a child. The stuff is very hard to burn and it has to be atomized by the engine injectors before it becomes truly combustible. That's WHY they can deliver it to JFK by way of an above-the-ground pipeline. These "determined" terrorists seem to be about as intellectually gifted as our president.

That, by the way, is not a compliment.

"FOX & Friends" discussed this story with the headline "Killers Caught!" crawling across the bottom of the screen. But then, Republicans have always been the kings of premature ejaculations. I'm guessing that "Around the World in Eighty Seconds" is a bit of a Freudian slip.

I'm not the only one that says this entire plan was absurd:

This JFK situation has gone from an all-day news feeding frenzy to virtually nonexistent in twenty-four hours. There are a lot of different conclusions that could be jumped to, but the only one I feel safe in making is that this entire thing stinks beyond belief.


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the jet fuel thing...

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...and Saddam Hussein blew up the world trade center and Iraq has WMD...

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Finally, some facts...

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