Friday, April 13, 2007

not so hard, is it?

The tiny-handed Scott McClellan parroted the administration line once more for old time's sake as he participated in the panel segment on Bill Maher's HBO program "Real Time" this evening. During a discussion about Iraq, Scott made the accusation that the Democratic party needed to make up their minds and decide whether they want to "pull the funding or support the troops," the classic straw-man argument that has been the Bush junta's ever-predictable deflection of criticism of the monumental botch that has occurred over the last four years.

It struck me that Scott just demonstrated what the problem is. The Republicans don't seem to understand that the legislation Congress has offered already shows what choice the Democrats have made.

We don't have to choose between pulling the funding or supporting the troops.

Our decision is clear, as is our message.

We are supporting the funding and pulling the troops.


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