Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Massacre, Day 2 - Electric Boogaloo

I'm beginning to suspect that there's no minimum IQ requirement for news anchors. MSNBC is promoting its wall-to-wall coverage today of yesterday's school shooting incident. Whatever vacuous news-reader that was doing the voiceover for the promo breathlessly told the viewing audience that today the network would be examing the effects of this senseless tragedy on the "close-knit family of Virginia Tech."

The school has 26,000 students. I've spent half of my life living in towns with smaller populations than this "close-knit family."

This country has finally normalized utter stupidity. Our leaders are idiots, our press is idiots, our people in management positions are idiots, and a huge portion of our population are idiots.

It's no damned wonder Iraq is such a mess.


Blogger Ronni said...

Is this the next red herring, to keep our eyes off Iraq?

9:40 AM  

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