Wednesday, January 24, 2007

driving to Mars in hydrogen cars

Let's nip this new one in the bud.

The president was not "conciliatory" and "gracious" in last night's Sorry State of the Union address.

Sure, he shook Nancy Pelosi's hand, he grinned like a twelve-year-old boy at her, he talked about working "together," but it was the charade of a practiced con man trying to put his mark at ease after the mark had noticed that a few things about his actions don't quite fit with his story. He was ingratiating.

I would like to point out that his statistics were lies, his wish-list was bullshit, and none of the grandiose legacy-inducing pipe dreams that he spun out to us in forty-nine interminable minutes will ever come to pass.

Just like the other promises he's made in his previous exercises in Tom Swift daydreaming.


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