Friday, October 27, 2006


I just watched tonight's episode of "Real Time" with Bill Maher.

His butt-squeezing guest, right-wing blogger Andrew Sullivan, had the incredible gall to castigate the Bush administration for the United States having "a war that we are losing, we have a doubling of the national debt in the next generation, the suspension of habeas corpus and the authorization of torture," words he spoke with the shocked and aghast outrage of personal victimhood.

That's just great.

One of the biggest enablers and supporters of this administration is now washing his hands of the inevitable results of all of the political machinations he echoed and heartily assented to from a fairly lofty soapbox. How nice.

Andrew, it's time for you and the other turncoats of your ilk to shut the hell up. I, for one, do not want our party accepting people like you who flee the sinking ship as they indignantly complain of the incompetence of the crew without mentioning that they share the blame for cheering on the captain who steered it into the iceberg. Stay with your Republican friends. We simply don't need you.


Anonymous romunov said...

Pheeew, I'm not the only one noticing the 180° turn in Andrew's position. It would be nice if someone would do a cross-over with his appearances on previous shows from about 2 years ago. Back then, he was Bush's bitch.

3:03 AM  

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