Monday, October 31, 2005

depressed corps

Watching the ethically-challenged, tiny-handed Scottie McClellan tap dance through yet another White House "press conference," pulling out the "I think I've earned your trust" line that every unfaithful spouse in the world tries, I am stuck on one question. What if David Gregory or one of the other intelligent and constantly thwarted reporters, after getting yet another non-responsive "we're not able to comment about that at this time" answer, just stood up, and on-camera said "Scottie, you're a liar. You represent a cabal of liars. The country deserves better than you all, and I am no longer going to be a part of the problem, and I hope that my counterparts feel the same way I do. Good-bye." After which, he picks up his stuff and leaves.

What would happen?


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