Thursday, October 06, 2005

the boy who cried "al-Qaeda"

This morning, President Dark W. Helmet gave a speech about "eye-raq," the "war on terra" and "nine-'leven" in an effort to regroup and get many of the people who seem to have voted for him back behind him and to get his approval ratings back over a meager one-third of the people of the United States.

The speech was flat and hollow, and didn't even get much coverage from the Bush-subsidized media conglomerates that usually can't wait for the chance to lick some thousand-dollar boots.

Within hours, a puzzling last-minute news conference in New York City brought to our attention a "specific and credible threat" aimed at the New York subway system. No details were provided, there was no further elevation of the terrorism color-code alert for the city or the country, and reassurances that everything was actually quite safe and people should continue about their lives was painstakingly given.

It looks to me like the deceptions of this administration are ringing so hollowly, even to themselves, that they are just phoning in their efforts to maintain the illusion of competence and integrity that they have hidden behind for the last five years.


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