Wednesday, August 03, 2005

a simple question

I am puzzled by a lurking contradiction between the argument and the behavior of people who support intelligent design/creationism being taught in science classes as an alternative to evolutionary theory. These folks who insist that they only want to "teach the controversy" seem to forget all about that noble ideal when they are on their own stomping grounds.

Has anybody ever heard of ONE religion class that "teaches the controversy" and explains the strong scientific support for evolution?



If these people truly only want to "teach the controversy" they should prove it by their own actions. All they have to do is to "teach the controversy" in their own churches and religious schools. They should provide a serious discussion of the overwhelming evidence in favor of evolutionary biology and the utter lack of evidence for any supernatural phenomena or the existence of a deity or deities. They should place on their religious texts a disclaimer that intelligent design/creationism is "only a theory" and should be critically evaluated and compared to the conclusions of science for each person to decide for themselves which theory is the most credible.

Unless and until they do this, I submit that they are hypocrites and should be dismissed as such.


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