Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday text-only cat-blogging

Here's a tip for you indoor-cat owners. I have two busy litterboxes, and changing and cleaning litter has long been a real time-consuming part of the joy of being a servant to my feline masters. One day, I saw one in the litterbox, and it occurred to me that there was an interesting pattern that I had never consciously noticed. When cats pee, they tend to plant their rear ends close to the side of the litterbox, which leads to the litter at the bottom and around the perimeter of the box getting wet faster than the rest of the box, and not being disturbed by digging as much as the inner portion, meaning it just stays soggy and is hard to clean out of the box and also more conducive to ammonia smells. I now pour my usual clay litter into the box when I change it, but I put a small layer (about 2-3 pounds) of the blue crystal litter around the top of the clay at the top of the box, basically a line about two inches wide and an inch or so deep around the perimeter of the litter box. I now only have to change litterboxes twice a week, and it has significantly reduced the effort to keep the house smelling uncatty. Now, if you will excuse me, the Masters need food and clean water.


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