Friday, August 12, 2005

Dark W. Helmet honors the fallen

Today, the presidential motorcade whizzed on past the campsite of Cindy Sheehan, the mother of serviceman Casey Sheehan, who was killed on his tour of duty in Iraq. Mrs. Sheehan has been asking for the chance to ask the man whose salary she helps pay for the reason that her son was in Iraq in the first place, and has been slimed in the most repulsive way by the sewage-gargling mud-crawlers in the right-wing noise machine.

Don't you wonder what little w. was thinking about as his million-dollar limo sped past her tent? Was he making faces at her or giving her his familiar single-digit salute from behind his bulletproof tinted windows? Was he bummed because there weren't any mud puddles to splash her with to exact revenge for spoiling his five-week vacation in the middle of a global war of his own creation? It's amazing that the "leader" of the free world could be so terrified of a grieving, middle-aged woman.

Our president. We truly have acquired the government we deserve.


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