Sunday, April 24, 2005


The United States government, under the putative leadership of George Bush, has now spent three hundred billion dollars on our little adventure in Iraq. The annual budget for NASA is about fifteen billion dollars. In other words, NASA could have been funded at its current level for twenty years with the money spent in two years in Iraq. If you never have done so, visit and do a site search for "spinoffs." You will find an incredible number and variety of devices in our life, from the mundane to the life-saving, that are directly attributable to the research and development stemming from the space program. We wouldn't even have these wonderful internets without the space program. But, instead of following a superbly successful means of developing technology and streaming it to the ordinary person, we are spreading death, ill will and state-sponsored terrorism throught the world.

Of course, we have an alcoholic, cocaine-addicted, absolute failure of a theocratic C-student in the position of the highest power in this country, and now we have a pedophile-protecting, situational-ethically-challenged Grand Inquisitor of a Hitler Youth in the highest office of christianity, the predominant superstition in this country. What could possibly go wrong?


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