Saturday, April 23, 2005

book 'em, Dan-o

There's lots of self-righteous sound and fury about the story in the news of an unruly five year-old girl being handcuffed because of her behavioral issues. It seems that a lot of people think the police went "too far."

Seems to me the real and completely overlooked issue is that the slovenly and lackadaisical parents of the girl didn't go "far enough" in teaching her how to behave in the company of her fellow humans.

In other words, if you don't properly educate your spawn the rest of us have no choice but to do it ourselves.


Blogger DarkSyde said...

TY for the kind words on my SN1987A piece.
Yeah it's understandable that when seeing only the portion of video in which the kid is bawling and being handcuffed, we'd feel the authorities went too far. But if you see that whole video, the little demon-spawn is not just tearing up the office and screaming wildly, she's trying to punch and slap the principle over and over with complete disregard. I don't know what else the guy could have done short of calling for some professional help. Calling the police or a crew of mental health workers to trank the kid and take her away was about the only thing he could do.

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