Sunday, March 27, 2005

religious buffoons

Watching this repulsive circus swirling around the brainless Terry Schiavo's meat-clad beating heart, I find it difficult to say who is more disgusting - the hypocritical, lying scavengers embodied in Randall Terry, or the illiterate bumpkins that buy into their line of crap, people who couldn't spell words of more than four letters correctly if their own lives depended on it. The one thing they all have in common is a purported belief in things that do not exist, and a conscious decision to base their own understanding and interpretation of the universe on false premises rather than on the indisputable evidence of nature and their own senses.

Religion must die, or mankind is doomed. All religion. Religion, which is just superstition wearing an expensive robe, is the single most damaging characteristic of the human race and has caused more tragedy than any other characteristic. If humankind manages to wipe itself out, I guarantee you it will be based on religious differences. Anybody that expects good to come of a belief system based on a tissue of lies is clinically insane. The sooner the entire world moves out of the primitive darkness into the Age of Enlightenment, the sooner we can realize our potential as a species.

Let Terry's body die in peace. Her mind died fifteen years ago. There's nobody home. Stop damaging our country and our world. Believe whatever superstitious nonsense you want, but stop inflicting your stupidity on the rest of us.


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