Sunday, March 20, 2005


The democratic party is useless. Once again, the radical right-wingers have done something incredibly audacious and in violation of the principles this country claims to stand for, and have practically dared the democrats to stand up and take a principled position. Once again the democrats have by their own inaction ceded the point that the republican talking points are valid. They have decided to take a "safe" course, not wanting to be somehow blamed for Terry Schiavo's death no matter how unjustly and incorrectly, instead of simply taking a difficult position on a complex situation and explaining and defending it with some vigor.

It would appear they think the American people are as stupid as the republicans do, and that the very people who elect them are incapable of understanding that emotion and faith are not sufficient to overcome harsh medical reality, and that the hypocrisy of the party of the "culture of life" is enough to disqualify them from being able to claim any moral high ground in this sad case.

Good-bye, America. I fear your noble experiment is rapidly coming to an end.


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