Friday, December 10, 2004

it's so puzzling

Lou Dobbs just had to help demonstrate why our press corps are such oblivious morons. He observed today that the United States was "making one liberty ship every day" during World War II (at, of course, the END of the war and after having many difficulties ramping up to that level of production, but that would be too difficult to research) but that now we can't supply enough up-armored Humvees for our military in Iraq with twice the population that we had in the 1940's. He continued by painfully wondering aloud why it was necessary for it to come down to a single soldier asking the Secretary of Defense at a photo-op assembly for this problem to be finally addressed.

Why, oh why?

Gee, Lou, maybe it's because our "independent media" are comprised mostly of numb-witted political sycophants who don't do their job of keeping check on our government officials by informing the people of the truth and holding the powers that be publicly accountable for their governance. You know, guys like you, Lou.


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