Thursday, July 23, 2009

Show me what you've got....

Letter recently sent to a GOP congressman who shall remain nameless:

I attended your town hall last night and wanted to ask a question but there was no time, so I left a message on the voice mail system after the call. As a follow-up, here are my two questions. First, the U.S. has well over 35 million uninsured citizens and we are the only major industrial country without universal health care. The only one! Republicans were completely in charge for 6 years and did nothing. Now that Obama is proposing changes all you do is dredge up the tactics of fear, but you still offer nothing. In fact, just this morning Roy Blunt said that his committee will not produce an alternative. My first question is this: If you think that Obama's plan is so bad, what is your better plan, or do you think it's OK to maintaing the status quo. My second question relates to government control. You noted several times last night, and had a survey, about people wanting the government to control their health care and as expected, 93% said "no". If you think that government involvement in health care is so bad, why don't you submit a bill to dismantly the VA, Medicare and Medicaid? Seriously, if you are so convinced that the private sector can do much better, let's turn those three programs over to the insurance companies. You noted at the end of your town hall that you will respond to all messages, and I will hold you to this. Last night you got a slew of "softball" questions, all easy pickings for you. I've posed some that aren't so easy, and if you are doing your job you will answer these also.

Any response received will be posted here.


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