Wednesday, May 20, 2009

just shut the fuck up

Republican moron Dana Rohrabacher was on "Hardball" to dispute the very notion of the existence of human-caused global warming and climate change, and spent a lot of his time bitching about how "the left" was trying to "cut off debate" instead of refuting evidence that it was caused by natural Solar cycles. His major points of contention were that the planets Mars and Jupiter were "getting warmer" and that "Greenland used to be green."

Okay, stupid.

First, if the Sun is the problem and is causing temperatures to rise on Earth, Mars, and Jupiter, that should be easy to support because the temperatures of Mercury and Venus would be skyrocketing since they are much closer to the Sun. Let's check.

Nope. No change. That's enough right there to demonstrate that you have no argument and are simply a self-righteous and duplicitous science denialist. Something which you demonstrated later anyway when you could not agree to the fact of evolution.

And as far as the Greenland thing, it's been an icy and glacial country the entire time. The southern coastline, where the Vikings landed and christened the island, is just as green now as it was back then.

So, if you want to have a debate, learn some science instead of pretending that the stuff that you are pushing is actually the truth instead of just what you are regurgitating in order to please the people who give you lots of money and access to power.

Unless you really are that stupid, of course.


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