Wednesday, February 25, 2009

urethra, I have found it!

For the last few years, the so-called "mainstream media" have been insulting and denigrating blogs and bloggers as being undisciplined, unresearched, uncredentialed, unreliable, and generally lacking in understanding of how "hard journalism" is conducted. Well-known and high-paid commentators and pundits have lamented the horrible damage that ordinary citizens have caused to our discourse even as the media have gotten story after story wrong, have published discredited lies told by dishonest people who have personal gains at stake and axes to grind.

Now, they have a new resource to fight for truth and clarity in the news media.


Yes, you can't watch five minutes of cable news without being told what some twit or twat has tweeted on Twitter.

And they still wonder why they are the butt of jokes and the focus of mockery and disdain.


Blogger Ronni said...

Blogs are cutting into their income!

8:03 AM  
Blogger Milo Johnson said...

Yeah, we're taking all of their money! You're getting your checks every month, right?

3:05 PM  

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