Wednesday, November 05, 2008

squirt update

With winter approaching, I've been starting to worry about the little one, and I decided to try to make his existence a little more secure over the coming months. I had looked out my seldom-used front door several days ago and noticed that he was napping on the step (on about the same spot where he is in the photo) and after checking a couple of more times the next few days and seeing him sitting there watching the world go by, I realized that he might have adopted that little alcove for his own. So, I took a jumbo milk crate, lined it with four plush bathroom throw rugs, and put it in a little corner sheltered from the winds, and set a bowl of kibble in front of it. The crate is located about three feet directly to the kitten's right in the photo above, and it just happens to be in the exact spot that the freeloader took shelter from the January 2007 blizzard during which he appeared and took over my life. When I looked out of the front door last night, I saw the squirt snoozing soundly on the top of the crate, and this morning, I put a bowl of canned food out for him and managed to get the closest photo so far. With any luck, this little fellow will at least be able to stay warm and full for the winter months.
You know, it's a lot of work being a sucker.


Blogger Mary K. Goddard said...

yes, yes it is a lot of work being a sucker for a kitty face...

9:42 AM  

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