Friday, October 10, 2008

not just old, stupid too

John McCain keeps saying that his campaign shouldn't be counted out yet because he came back basically against the odds to get the nomination from his party.

He still hasn't figured out that he didn't win.

Ron Paul wasn't owned by the big-money boys, and that just won't work.
Rudy Giuliani was a cross-dressing ferret that had learned how to say "9/11."
Mike Huckabee appealed to the religious nuts, but he took the preaching a bit too far.
Fred Thompson was busy trying to get his new trophy wife to sleep with him between naps.
Mitt Romney looked like Reagan, but he was magic Mormon underpants under a tailored suit.

The republicans wanted somebody other than McCain, but all of the other choices completely blew their opportunities, which should have been a walk for at least three of them, because they weren't beholden enough to the real powers behind the party.

The other guys lost, McCain by being willing to sell his soul to be president, not because he vanquished the competition.

He's the nominee by default.


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