Wednesday, December 13, 2006

baby needs new shoes

Reports from the media indicate that the currently favored proposition for the New Way Forward of the War on Iraqis is an increase in troop strength, often being expressed by people in the administration as "doubling down." Officials from the Pentagon and the State Department have been rolling this new phrase out for the past couple of days, apparently in response to the Iraq Study Group (they meet at 3:15 PM in the cafeteria every school day) concluding that the United States should withdraw from Iraq as hastily as is safe.

As a reader at Talking Points Memo notes, the more proper term in these circumstances would be "double or nothing," since in gambling, "double down" means to take advantage of a strong hand to increase your profits. In this case, it is a far more of a hail mary pass by a president who has squandered away the assets of our country with no planning or regard for the consequences.

All of which leads me to wonder, did somebody let Bill Bennett start directing the Iraq policy?


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