Tuesday, July 04, 2006

he hit me back first

George Bush labels Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as his tripartite "Axis of Evil" countries, the kind of appellation that should only be found in James Bond movies.

George Bush invades Iraq, one of the countries in his "Axis of Evil," jails the elected leader of the nation, kills his closest relatives, and puts wanted posters out for the rest of his family.

Thousands of civilian Iraqis die in the process, and the country is thrown back to pre-industrial age living conditions with steadily-increasing internecine fighting that threatens the stability of the entire Middle East.

George Bush starts talking tough about Iran, the second of the three "Axis of Evil" countries, following the same "imminent threat" rhetoric that he used to coerce the United States into attacking Iraq.

North Korea, the third and final "Axis of Evil" member, tests six missiles, including one that might be able to reach parts of Alaska and possibly be used to launch a small nuclear weapon.

The United States calls this "a provocative action."

Yeah, it just came out of the blue, right?


Blogger Mary K. Goddard said...

What north Korea does, or does not do, does not matter to our administration. There is no oil supply to destablize (no, not gain control of, destablize) so there's no point in going there. North Korea can't do anything, at this point, to help keep oil production down and prices up. Until they are a threat to American Oil profits they aren't even on the RADAR screen....

3:55 PM  

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