Tuesday, June 06, 2006

well, that explains a lot

The evil neocon tranny Ann Coulter is back at it again. Her(?) newest book was released today, and the last eighty pages deal with her(?) excoriation of "Darwinists" as atheist liberals with a penchant for bestiality. She(?) portrays people who understand there are overwhelming amounts of evidence that support evolution as followers of a religion known as "Darwinism" (there's really no such thing) and states that it is equally as much a religion as christianity, saying:

"The fundamental difference between our religion and theirs is that theirs always tells them what they want to hear. Darwinism never disappoints the liberals. They never say 'well, I'd like to have cheap meaningless sex tonight, but that would violate Darwinism.' They can't even say 'I'd like to have cheap meaningless sex tonight with a goat, but that would violate Darwinism.'"

Hmmm. Cheap, meaningless sex with a goat.

It would seem that the only people willing to have sex with Ann Coulter are liberals.

Enjoy your stay in jail, Ann. Trannies are "popular" there. And not just with "Darwinists."


Blogger Ronni said...

She makes my skin crawl.

7:56 AM  

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