Tuesday, January 24, 2006

enough already!

I probably shouldn't do this as it may upset the entire karmic balance of the universe, but here goes.

I know the truth.

The media has been on these important stories 24/7 for over six months now, with no sign of abating, because the American public has a right and a need to know the answer.

Missing Honeymooner George Smith and Missing Blond Cheerleader Natalee Holloway ran away together. There is no more need to incessantly cover these stories.

Can we get some real news now?

You know, boring stuff like illegal wiretapping of United States citizens, illegal invasions of soverign countries based on fabricated evidence, Supreme Court appointments with stealth agendas, the libeling of over half of the citizens of this country as traitors because they disagree with the current administration, "black" prisons where torture is everyday business as usual, massive corruption among the leaders of the republican party, blatant lies told by putative journalists on media outlets that have demonstrable political motives, evidence of mass incompetence and mendacity in the Executive branch, huge financial giveways to the largest industries at the expense of the middle class and the poor, forty percent of the population at risk of death and financial catastrophe because they lack simple health care, a major American city lying in ruins seven months after an avoidable disaster, looming economic disaster as taxes on the rich are cut, oil prices soar and property values plummet, evidence of massive collusion to defraud the voting process on both national and local levels, gay prostitutes spending nights in the White House under assumed names, presidential aggrandizement of power based on specious arguments, Osama bin Laden still alive and well almost five years after successfully attacking our country, right-wing abandonment of the principles upon which this country was founded...

You know, "news."

I realize you can't masturbate to it, but that isn't what a "free and independent" media is for.


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