Saturday, April 02, 2005

here's why

There has been a persistent rumbling for some time now of a desire by many to change the Constitution of the United States, one common example being the suggestion to define marriage as a bond exclusively between one man and one woman only. I have noticed many such opinions based on the line of reasoning that we are in different times now than we were when the Constitution was written and as a result, we should be able to adjust the defining document of our country to be in accord with popular opinion in order to be democratic about it.

That is wrong. The Constitution is a document that was written after years of debate, years of analysis of the problems and benefits of different forms of government, and was meant to be an affirmation of the freedom and nobility of human beings as a species. Some rules were intentionally left unmalleable by the rule of popular opinion so that the rights of all citizens would be ensured.

Today, the people who wish to change the Constitution do so only out of their personal sense of propriety and ideology, and have not gone through the rigorous intellectual process of trying to visualize all of the possible consequences and ramifications of their policies to citizens, individually and collectively.

That is why any person of intellect and conscience should contest any effort to change the single most important document of governance in the history of mankind.


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